Fantastic Font Fun…A DIY Secret Weapon

Judging from the response to Wednesday’s calligraphy round up, I’m not the only person with a soft spot for amazing stationary! There’s no question that getting a talented calligrapher to create something beautiful for your big day has out of this world results. But if you aren’t lucky enough to have gorgeous hand lettering as an option, what’s the alternative? I have yet to find a creative calligrapher working in a similar style here in Ireland (feel free to come out of hiding if you’re out there!), so here are five fantastic fonts to help you emulate the look!

Image Credits: Kate MacPherson via Style me Pretty | KT Merry via Style me Pretty

Fonts can be a lovely way to tie the look of your day together, using the same one for your invitations, ceremony booklets, place cards, and thank you cards. There are a great selection of websites out there, featuring both paid and free fonts. Good places to start include MyFonts, Veer, and DaFont. Just make sure to read the fine print about freedom of use!

Bombshell Pro

I recently purchased Bombshell Pro font for use in a styled shoot with KT Merry, and I highly recommend it. There are lots of fantastic free fonts out there, but sometimes it is worth paying a bit extra for the variety of ligatures for that calligraphy look.

 Jacques & Gilles

Jacques & Gilles is a beautiful alternative to the flowing script fonts without losing the whimsy of hand writing. You can get quite a different look by using all Caps so it’s almost like two fonts for the price of one!

Carolyna Curvy

Elegant and flowing, Carolyna Curvy does exactly as it says, and is designed for easy readability, which would make it a beautiful choice for your wedding invitations, or signs directing your guests throughout the day.


If your budget doesn’t extend to any of the fonts above, but you’d still like a similar look then Landliebe could be ideal. Not only is it pretty and sophisticated, but the best news is it’s completely free from Dafont!

Katie Rose

Katie Rose is a little less traditional and another budget friendly option!

Hope you find your font, whatever it may be, and bring a little bit of stationary heaven to your big day!

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7 Responses to Fantastic Font Fun…A DIY Secret Weapon

  1. Val

    Heloo from BYW. I love your blog very elgant design. This post is great.

    • Ciara

      Hi Val, thanks so much for your kind words, so glad you enjoyed the post! Looking forward to exploring your blog! Ciara :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tips Ciara. Love these fonts and have book marked the website. :)

  3. Therese

    Ciara, thanks for this round up, I have been looking for nice calligraphy type fonts and love the top two you have posted, thanks for saving me time! I also found this calligraphy starter kit this morning on etsy by Linea Carta…going to give it a go!

  4. Emily

    What fonts would you pair with bombshell pro?

  5. alyssa

    Hi love this post! What is the font name in the first picture?

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