DIY Lace Balloons Tutorial…
from Photographic Stylist Catalina Bloch

While I might have taken on the epic challenge of a DIY wedding, to be honest, since then I’ve been a little DIY wary! But when I spotted the amazing lace balloons that talented stylist, Catalina Bloch created for their beautiful inspiration shoot, I realised some DIY projects are too good not to try! Catalina has very kindly shared her secrets on how to create these beauties, so be sure to use the wisdom wisely and give it a go! They would be the perfect decor accent to a ceremony or reception! Thanks so much Cat, take it away…

Image Credit: Anne-Marie Bouchard of AMBphoto

What you will need:

  1. Lace – I would suggest getting one with a defined repeating pattern that can easily be cut into pieces. I used 1 meter of lace per 3 foot balloon
  2. Wall Paper Glue and lots of it! (make sure it dries clear)
  3. A soft paint brush
  4. Wax Paper
  5. Scissors
  6. 3 foot balloons in white x 3
  7. String
  8. A place to hang said 3 foot balloons

Learn from my mistakes – I had the balloons filled with helium hoping that they would float but the lace makes them WAY to heavy for that. Also, it make it very hard to work on when they were floating. I would suggest you not fill them with helium and just used good old regular air.

Here is what you will need to do.

Cut the lace out so that you have small pieces to work with.  This will ensure that you have a nice round and flat lace balloon with no folds. Mine turned out to be kinda triangular and it worked great. Once you have all your pieces cut out you can start.

 Start By GENEROUSLY coating the lace in wall paper glue.

Apply the lace onto the balloon next and I would suggest starting from the top and working your way down. My picture is the opposite since my balloons floated first….

 Repeat those steps until the entire balloon is covered in lace.

Here you can see where all my seams are but you won’t notice them from far away.

Once your entire balloon in covered go back over any pieces that are sticking up with your paint brush. Then let dry for 24 hours & enjoy!

So there you go, looks pretty straight forward right? Will any of you be giving them a go this weekend?! Let us know how it worked out!

Image credits and DIY directions: Catalina Bloch, Photographic Stylist

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38 Responses to DIY Lace Balloons Tutorial…
from Photographic Stylist Catalina Bloch

  1. Debbie

    I have been making these for my daughters outside wedding using old Dollies but I am finding in the humid weather they are not hard enough and keeping there shape, my dollies are 100% cotton what are you making yours with and are you spraying any thing on them to keep them firm?

    • Erica

      Have you tried paper mache? Use a balloon, paper mache with white paper, pop balloon, and apply the lace as you described. Perhaps this method would last longer? What do you think??

      • Debbie

        I think that would work to hold the shape but not to see the pretty Lacey effect, think I will put a clear balloon back in them before hanging.

        • Debbie

          Still working on my balloons, did as you said and used white paper and paper mache them. As my daughter thought they would Illuminati better with the white paper mache then the clear balloon. With this method you can make many months ahead.

          • Angela


            Can you please message me through email as to how you made these. I’m getting married in June and would like to start as soon as possible! Thanks :)

          • Debbie

            angela, are you still looking to make lace lanterns? Don’t have your e-mail to send you anything

          • karin

            Debbie Can you please message me through email ( as to how you made these. I want do the ballons many months ahead. thanks

  2. Chrysten

    How long will these last? How far in advance can you make them?

    • Ciara

      Hi Chrysten, thanks for your questions! I’ll try get some feedback from Catalina for you! Hope your own versions turn out well! Ciara :)

    • Ciara

      Hi Chrysten, according to Catalina you should make the balloons a minimum of 24 hours in advance for them to be in the best condition for the event. Larger latex balloons should last about three days as they are thicker. Just keep in mind that the balloons can shrink or expand if it’s exposed to heat or cold so aim to keep them out of sunlight before the event to maximise the life span! Hope you have some fun making your own version!

      • Amy

        If I make these 2 weeks in advance will the balloon hold up that long or should I plan to pop the balloon and simply have a lacey orb? If the lace overlaps in spots will it look OK?

        • Ciara

          Hi Amy,

          The balloons should ideally only be made 24 hours in advance to have it be guaranteed to last. Overlapping is fine as far as I know, they shouldn’t be noticeable from far away! You may want to coat the lace in a stronger glue mix, or papier mache type glue if you plan to pop it. I don’t think these balloons would hold their shape if popped! Hope that helps!

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  5. This are absolutely gorgeous. I really hope that I get a chance to make these. WWould you say the time invested was worth it .
    Thanks for the tutorial !

    • Ciara

      Hi Sarah,

      I haven’t got a chance to make these beauties myself yet, but judging by Catalina’s attempt the time is well worth the end result! Let me know how they work out for you!

  6. Anne-Scarlett

    beautiful! could you tell me where you purchased your lace fabric?

    • Ciara

      Hi Anne-Scarlett, they do look amazing don’t they! Catalina Bloch, the stylist who created them is based in Canada so I’m not sure where she purchased it! I’m sure you could get something similar in most good fabric shops!

  7. KRIS

    I did these lace covered balloons and they turned out great, my balloons are still holding up after 5 days. I used the lightest weight lace that the fabric store had and they are still full of air and are very cool looking, they will be hanging from trees at a wedding reception.

    • Ciara

      Hi Kris, thanks so much for sharing how they worked out for you! Delighted they turned out great and that they lasted for the 5 days! I’d say they will look beautiful at the wedding reception!

    • Niamh

      Hi Kris!

      I’m just wondering how much fabric you used per balloon? 1 metre seems very small for the 3 foot balloon…

  8. Eva

    I love this idea! I’m thinking of doing this for my reception but I’m restricted in that my decor can only be free standing. Do you think these will still float if I fill them with helium?

    • Ciara

      Hi Eva, I think Cat found that the lace and glue was quite heavy so it weighed them down and stopped them from floating, even when filled with Helium. It might be worth trying with smaller balloons and very light lace just in case? Best of luck, I’m sure the reception will be amazing!



    just wondering if you used a thick enough lace and covered it completely and then used a stiffener, could you possibly pop the balloon and have a sphere that maintains its shape? Ive seen some crafts where they do this with doilies and was wondering if it would work with this also???

    • Ciara

      Hi Carol, I’d say it would definitely be worth trying. You couldn’t float the balloons afterwards but I’m sure they would look just as pretty. let me know how it goes!

    • Kari

      My question as well, is it successful popping balloon and retaining ball shape with only coated lace?

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  13. viv

    do you pop the balloon or anything or is this only something you would make right before the event and have them at the event? I am looking for clarification on that part.
    Thank you

  14. Rosie

    Hi there, this idea is beautiful and would definitely love to try it…Where do you get such large balloons, the craft store? They’d also be pretty with an LED candle inside to make it look like a lantern. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. Hello Ciara!

    This is a GREAT idea! I am totally going to share this on my blog (with credit to you of course) so that people can benefit from this for their wedding or event!

    So glad I did a search on Google+ and found this post!

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  18. Mary

    THESE ARE AWESOME! I am wanting to do these for my wedding but I am wondering:

    1) Where did you find lace?? Did you order fabric online? Go to a craft store? Consignment stores?

    2) What type of Wallpaper Glue did you use?

    3) What is the wax paper for?

    Thanks so much!! I am SO excited to try these out!!!!

  19. Kelly Hall

    Could you also email directions for lace balloons. Would like to use them at my daughters wedding.

  20. Beverly

    These are gorgeous! I plan on making six of these for my wedding in august to suspend over the dance floor (with other styles and sizes of orbs, lanterns, maybe poms). I am curious to know approximately how heavy the finished balloons are. I’d like to know whether they’d be feasible to hang with command hooks.

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