Cosy Camping VW Style!…A Real Irish Engagement
from Sean Curtin Photography

You just can’t beat a beautiful engagement shoot for getting an insight into the personality and chemistry between a couple, and today’s photographers, dream team Sean and Kate Curtin of Sean Curtin Photography have done all that and more! Childhood sweethearts, Sinead and Darren wanted their shoot to reflect the joy, love and laughter of their relationship, so allow me to introduce ‘The Love Bus’, the perfect place to capture the amazing adventure they are about to embark on!

Sinead and Darren’s love story started in school with stolen glances across corridors and they have been together ever since! Fans of the great outdoors, Darren went to great lengths to ensure their engagement in the ski resort of Whistler, Canada, would be absolutely perfect!

“Darren and I lived in Vancouver Canada for about a year and a half-we moved there in 2009. For my Christmas present in 2009 Darren flew my sister and her boyfriend to Vancouver for a holiday. They arrived in January, the day before my birthday. We took a few days off and headed up to Whistler, an amazing ski resort, and Darren proposed to me the day after my birthday, January 13th. My sister, Aoife, had always warned Darren that he better not propose if she wasn’t around, so that’s what he did. It was an amazing surprise, I had no idea!”

Their love of the outdoors also played a big part in the setting for their engagement shoot in Curraghchase, Limerick, which with the help of Sean and Kate Curtin was transformed into a cosy camping wonderland!

“The theme was cosy camping. When we moved home from Vancouver Darren bought the VW bus and planned to make it his project to restore it before our wedding in April 2012. It was important to us that the bus was a key feature in the shoot as Darren had put so much work into getting it done in time. Also, Sean and Kate really got a feel for our likes/dislikes, hobbies/passions and encouraged us to incorporate all these elements in our shoot. Dar and I included all the things we love, from the more obvious things such the VW bus right down to the finer details like our favourite sweets/coffee etc. We brought along our camera as we enjoy taking pictures, my yoga mat, Dar’s guitar etc.”

Their laughter and love for each other is infectious isn’t it? They look like they are having so much fun, which is exactly what they wanted out of the whole experience.

“We wanted it to be natural and relaxed and reflect us as a couple. We wanted it to show that we love to be out and about, that we love to travel and explore new places. We really wanted it to show us having fun.”

Apart from marking such a special time in your life, engagement shoots are also the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer and allows you to get used to being in front of the camera. Sinead and Darren knew the minute they saw Sean Curtin’s fantastic work that he was exactly what they were looking for, but having had such a ball working with both Sean and Kate at their engagement shoot, they were even more excited about the whole experience!

“From the moment we met Sean and he showed us his work we immediately knew that this was the style we were looking for. Darren and I are not really interested in the traditional wedding photography, we wanted something different. We never wanted to be standing up in different arrangements of people posing and smiling. We wanted Sean to catch those special moments, the more relaxed and natural approach-which was evident from his work. Sean definitely achieved that with us too, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Sean and Kate created a wonderful, relaxed and fun atmosphere and succeeded in making our engagement shoot a beautiful reflection of us and our relationship.” 

I’m sure their gorgeous engagement shoot won’t be their last adventure in their 1966 Volkswagen! Sinead and Darren I wish you all the best for the future, and I hope fun and laughter never stops! A million thanks too to Sean and Kate Curtin of Sean Curtin Photography for allowing me to feature your beautiful work, for more gorgeous couples and giggles, go check out their lovely blog!

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4 Responses to Cosy Camping VW Style!…A Real Irish Engagement
from Sean Curtin Photography

  1. love this shoot! looks like so much fun and such gorgeous pics from SCP

  2. Thanks so, so much for featuring Sinead and Darrens VW Lovebird shoot, on your wonderful blog.
    It looks beyond fantastic here! Sean & Kate XXXXX

  3. Ross

    Sean and Kate. A grand bunch of lads.

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