Embracing the Rain…
Don’t let the weather spoil your day

Image Credit: Leo Patrone via Once Wed

Given the unseasonably good weather we’ve had of late, it might seem unusual to be sharing a round up of rainy day photos with you today! Here’s hoping the sun will keep shining, but if the Irish weather is reliable about anything, it’s that it will change!  So if the raindrops do appear, instead of letting it taint your day, why not embrace the beauty and sultry moodiness that some cloud cover can bring. As you’ll see from the couples below, rain doesn’t have to mean boring wedding shots! What could be more romantic then huddling close under an umbrella, as newly pronounced husband and wife! So if you’re brave enough to embrace the elements on your big day, you might just end up with some gorgeous images like these!

Image Credit: Punam Bean via Festival Brides

Image Credit: Jonas Peterson via Once Wed


Image Credit: Braedon Photography via Once Wed

Image Credit: Brosnan Photographic

Image Credit: Leo Patrone via Once Wed | Charlotte Jenks Lewis via Once Wed

Image Credits: Anna Malberg  via Once Wed | Braedon Photography via Once Wed

Image Credit: Sergio Mottola via Green Wedding Shoes

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4 Responses to Embracing the Rain…
Don’t let the weather spoil your day

  1. Thanks for featuring Tara & Pauls wedding at Ballybeg!

  2. Our photographer brought an awesome purple umberella to match my colours. We only had a few patches of rain but then there was a beautiful rainbow to pose beneath after the ceremony!

  3. You’re so right Ciara, if you can’t beat em, join em is my motto, and in Ireland we certainly can’t beat the rain so we may as well embrace it. Cuddling under an umbrella is sooo romantic

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