Competition Winner Announced!…Wedding Ceremony Music
from Sound of Serendipity

After immense feedback and voting in our Sound of Serendipity competition, the big day has arrived, and I’m so excited to be able to announce that the winner is…Ciara Daly!

Both Ciara and Caroline, had such beautiful love song stories that it would have been impossible for us to pick a winner, so thanks to everyone who voted and took the hard decision out of our hands! If you haven’t seen Ciara’s love song story, have a peek below!

Ciara Daly

“It was difficult for us to pick our love song, there are so many songs that remind us of stories, but our first concert together was Bryan Adams in Marley Park. 

I was 17 and we drove to Dublin, our parents wouldn’t let us stay over night in Dublin for the concert so we had to drive home again.

We headed up early for the concert and while waiting for the gates to open we sat in the park on a bench and I started singing Bryan Adams song Heaven to Brian and he said “Oh thats a nice song who sings that?” I laughed and said it’s Bryan Adams!

Hearing that song reminds me of that concert and the good laugh we had and how funny it was that our parents wouldn’t let us stay overnight and now we are getting married.

This is the most exciting time of our lives and even though we are already together 11 years our journey together is really getting started and I guess being this happy it really does feel like Heaven.”

Congratulations Ciara! We’re honoured to be part of your big day next year, and we can’t wait to create a whole new set of magical musical memories, to mark the start of your next adventure together!

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