Time flies When You’re Having Fun!

This day last year I was here…exchanging vows with Rian. So hard to believe a whole year has gone by already! I’ve heard people say the first year of married life is the hardest, well if that’s the case then I guess we’re going to have a pretty amazing life together, as without doubt this was one of the best years of my life. Because after the day is over, and all the beautiful things have been packed away, you get to go home with the love of your life and best friend. And there’s nothing more magical than that!

See you on Wednesday with something special to mark the week that’s in it…that conveniently also marks the sixth month anniversary of Style Serendipity! Also can’t believe that it’s six months on already, but time really does fly when you’re having fun!

style-serendipity-wedding Image Credit: Brosnan Photographic

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5 Responses to Time flies When You’re Having Fun!

  1. Congrats and many more happy years to come!!!

  2. Congratulations on your first year Ciara! I’m glad to hear it was a wonderful one :) And congrats too on 6 months into the blog, long may it continue to grow for you xx

  3. Congrats Ciara! And Rian of course! Long and happy life to you both x

  4. Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary and Happy 6 month Anniversary for Style Serendipity. Big year for you!!

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