Adventures at Joy Thigpen’s Styling Workshop
Photography by Rylee Hitchner

And Monday has come around again, how does that keep happening so quickly?! This time last year I was heading to France to celebrate our wedding with 55 of our closest family and friends! It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by already, and that twelve months ago Style Serendipity was just an idea at the back of my mind, that refused to go away! I’m so glad I didn’t ignore the little niggling voice that said this was something I should do. I’m excited to share some photos today of my first adventure in Bouquet making! That baby you see below was the result of a fun (and slightly nerve wracking) hour experimenting with flowers at Joy Thigpen‘s styling workshop.



Attending the workshop in Atlanta in February was one of the craziest and best decisions I made in the whole wedding styling journey so far. Not only did I come away with new practical knowledge and experience but I met an amazing group of people who encouraged me to keep listening to that voice and dream big!




It was an honour to spend time with Joy and all the attendees, so I thought I’d share a little glimpse into what we got up to, through Rylee Hitchner‘s stunning photography. If you haven’t heard of this girl yet, take note, she’s going places! Her photography is out of this world, so feel free to go lose yourself in more beauty in her blog!




I’ll be back on Wednesday with a gorgeous real Irish wedding! In the mean time I’m looking forward to meeting lot’s of great people at The White Event on Tuesday! Hope you all have something nice to look forward to this week!


Location: Serenbe | Photography: Rylee Hitchner | Bouquet: Style Serendipity, flowers provided by Fifty Flowers |

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14 Responses to Adventures at Joy Thigpen’s Styling Workshop
Photography by Rylee Hitchner

  1. Bouquet is awesome!!!! Well done! And well done to you for listening to that inner voice of yours!

  2. Therese

    That bouquet is absolutely stunning Ciara, well done.

  3. Ciara! I’m only seeing this now and am so excited to read your post and see Rylee’s beautiful photos. What a great time we had :)

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  7. kae

    oh I am entirely jealous that you were at the workshop. It’s definitely on my list of things to do in the next couple years. and I must add, your bouquet is amazing!!

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