The Spectacles Situation…
Wearing glasses on your wedding day

I think every bride wants to look like the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. But what if you’ve only ever known yourself with a pair of glasses at the end of your nose? Well, judging by these gorgeous brides below, I say go for it! Just because society expects you to embrace a pair of contact lenses for the day, if you feel at your most natural in your eye wear, then why not?!

Have any of you been struggling with the ‘to wear’ or ‘not to wear’ question?! I’d love to hear how you feel about it, and if you’re going to incorporate them into your style on the day!

Image credits: Kay English Photography via Postcards & Pretties | Ouma via Etsy | Olive Juice Studios via Style Me Pretty

Image Credits: Jonas Peterson via The Amber Sideshow  | Olive Juice Studios via Style Me Pretty | Todd Pellowe  via Green Wedding Shoes

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4 Responses to The Spectacles Situation…
Wearing glasses on your wedding day

  1. Great idea for a post! I think that I’d the bride is not usually wearing contact lenses, then she should stick with her glasses (or groom for that matter;)), because she/he may not feel comfortable during the day. If however the person sometime swap between the two, then either way should be fine. How about doing both? Start with lenses, swap halfway through and use the glasses as second look?

  2. Arlene M

    I wore glasses to my wedding- and then to my 2nd wedding (to the same guy and the third (et al. we get married a lot) I’m the gal in the glasses- I don’t know when that happened- but somewhere between 3rd grade and 42- I stopped taking them off.

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