Sparkling Night Sky…
A Starry Constellation Theme

I hope everyone got a glimpse of the unseasonal sunshine this weekend! It’s amazing the difference a bit of sunny weather can make isn’t it? And an added bonus of the bright days is the cloud free evenings that follow. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with the night sky and the mesmerising array of stars and planets to be discovered. My grandfather had a wealth of knowledge of the constellations, and would take us away from the glare of the city lights and teach us how to pick out exotic sounding things like Orions Belt and the Great Bear! When I spotted the beautiful star seating chart, done by the talented Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow, it struck me how much potential there is for including the night sky in your wedding styling.

Image Credits: Photography: Tec Petaja via Design Sponge| Calligraphy: Neither Snow | Printed Seating Chart: Mr Boddington

Image Credits: via Shelter | Beach Dwelling | Neither Snow | Yayoi Kusama via Once Wed | Tec Petaja Simon Upton via Elle Decor | 

Image Credits: Laura Palese via Neither Snow | Net a Porter | Tec Petaja via Once Wed| Shop Olio Etsy 

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4 Responses to Sparkling Night Sky…
A Starry Constellation Theme

  1. So beautiful – especially after the amazing night sky last night. Great idea for a post Ciara!

  2. Beautiful idea. The crown I think is what Elizabeth Messina has! The concept is amazing and beautiful and totally inspirational I think to someone out there. To me it says, ‘Summer Magic’ and speaks of something much more romantic- the stars and the moon and the sky, in a less “What’s your sign baby?” way and more of a Nick Drake tone. Lovely.

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