Pretty in Pink…A Irish Real Wedding
by Black Box Photography

I know by now that when Black Box Photography are behind the lens, some photography magic is bound to happen, but when you combine that with a creative bride and groom who had this surprise picnic proposal, you know it’s really going to be something special! Louise clearly found a gem in Neil, and gives us the low down on the most original proposal of the year!

“Neil planned a very romantic proposal in Crom Castle (Co. Fermanagh).  He pretended we were going away to Cork for the day as he had had a job to price.  I drank it all in – he then pretended there were road works and we had to go a back road and then pretended to get lost leaving us at the gates of Crom Castle.  I still genuinely believed at this point we were going to Cork and was going mad that we had got lost and it was so far away!!  Neil then told me he was going in for a quick wee drive around Crom as although I live quite close to it I had never been in the Estate!  A lovely picnic had been set up and I was blindfolded and led down to it.  Little did I know that our friends, Lewis and Louise (better known as the wonderful Blackbox photography) were hiding and photographing what was about to happen!  I was allowed to remove my blindfold to find Neil down on one knee with a ring he had taken from my jewellery box!  The rest is history!!”

With only five months between the beautiful proposal and the wedding, Louise and Neil got right down to business and started organising the day of their dreams.

“It doesn’t take long to plan a wedding but you need to be very organised and do not leave much to the last minute!!  Do as much as you can in the early stages because you will be so tired from running to dress fittings etc before the wedding it is hard to get much done!  We wanted it to be simple, not go totally overboard on spending and have it as relaxed a day as possible, both for our guests and for ourselves.”

The service was the most important aspect of the day to Louise and Neil, who put great thought into all the little details of the ceremony.

“We chose to get married in my local church, Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian church.  It was very special as we wanted as much of our friends and family to take part.  Neil’s sister kindly did a Bible reading for us, several of my friends sang and my friend and cousin were able to provide some beautiful Christmas music.  As Neil and I are both born again Christians it was important for us to be married in Church, as God is the most important part of our lives.”  

The flowers were one the first things that caught my eye about the wedding, and would you believe they were done by a neighbour who doesn’t consider herself a florist!

“A local neighbour who had done my friends flowers kindly agreed to do mine, she doesn’t count herself as a professional as this isn’t her full time job but in my eyes she could not have done a more professional job. I could not have asked for better!”

Following on from their vintage picnic engagement, Louise and Neil carried this theme into their wedding day. I love the little touches like lace and pearls, which Louise has a handy tip about!

“I am not a very creative person but I managed to get a bit of lace threw round a few jam jars to hold flowers in the church.  The lace was pure white when I bought it but after staining it with some tea and sticking a bit of double sided tape to jam jars it worked pretty ok I think! “

I also loved the way they incorporated their families into the table plan.

For the table plan at the hotel I gathered together old pictures of family weddings both in my side of the family and Neil’s and named each table after each wedding e.g. Millar~Andrews table had a picture of my parent’s wedding.”

Sounds like the work of a pretty creative person to me Louise!

Thanks so much to you both for sharing your beautiful day with us, and to Louise and Louie from Black Box Photography so delighted to feature another inspiring set of photos from you both!

Dress: Forever Bridal | Shoes: Irregular choiceVeil & Accessories: Forever bridal & Ellie Irvine | Stationery: My brother designed the stationary and it was all printed by Vision SolutionsVenue  Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church & Killyhevlin HotelHair: Blue Sky Hair |Makeup: Cherrie Knight | Groom’s Suit: Tux and Tails (Dungannon) | Cake: Clair Condell Cakes | Bridesmaids dresses: Creative ideas in Armagh

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3 Responses to Pretty in Pink…A Irish Real Wedding
by Black Box Photography

  1. I love this Ciara, all those pinks are just beautiful, especially the flowers! And that cupcake display is so very pretty. Black Box are excellent, aren’t they, I love their style.

  2. Hi Ciara, thanks so much for featuring Neil & Lou’s wedding. It was such a gorgeous wedding, so chilled out and relaxed! We always get so excited about being featured on your blog :)

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! And I love the table plan with the family weddings idea – so lovely ;) x

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