Pop of Purple…A Real Irish Wedding
by Brosnan Photographic

Time to get back to some inspiring real Irish weddings this week, and what better way to kick Monday up a gear than with this beautiful winter wedding from Christina of Brosnan Photographic! From the flowing Jenny Packham dress, to the pops of rich purple, I knew Shauna and Kieran’s wedding was going to be a beauty, not mind the fact that they make a gorgeous couple!

Now based in Dubai, Shauna and Keiran made the brave decision to plan their wedding in 9 months, following a romantic proposal at Ashford Castle.

“We walked towards the wall of the castle where there was a little turret and when I walked inside there were candles flickering all around me and I turned round to see Kieran on one knee…. Through my tears of course I said yes! It was so great to have the wedding in the same year as we could start planning straight away and it kept it all fresh and exciting and we never got carried away with the planning and I didn’t let the wedding get  ’bigger than Big’!” 

Take note ladies, Sex and the City is clearly a good place to learn vital wedding lessons!

Christina did such a beautiful job of capturing all the little details of the day, but most importantly the joy and emotions as the day unfolded! Shauna made the decision early on to embrace certain details that were important to her, even down to the scent of christmas candles in the church! Such a lovely touch.

“Some people give advise to brides to not bother with all the small things that no one notices. but I think you do whatever you want to do. And people do notice! I thought it was nice to put Yankee candle tea lights in the mini lanterns in the church and to burn that scent in oil burners too, even now when I smell the candles it reminds me of the day.”

They also put a lot of thought into their ceremony readings and musical choices to make it a very personal and special experience.

“The priest who married us was important. He made it so meaningful and having picked the readings and music together myself and Kieran felt the marriage in the church was really special. One thing that’s great is actually having your backs to the audience for most of it so you can really soak it all up without getting distracted!”

Having heard about Ballymagarvey Village in Meath from friends, they knew the minute they arrived that it would be the perfect venue for their celebration.

I loved the personalised sweet bags, which allowed them to indulge their sweet tooth and share all their old reliables with their guests. It was another chance to get plenty of help from family and friends!

“One thing I really wanted to do was have old fashioned sweets at the venue. Kieran and I love our sweets so we went with our favourites….white mice, refreshers, flying saucers, flogs. Mmmmmmmm! I had some of my friends over the week before and we all made up the bags and had a few nibbles with some vino too… It was great fun!”

I think Shauna’s Jenny Packham Saskia dress was made for dancing! Love that image of their first dance! It looks like they embraced every moment of the day, which is what every couple should aim for! Shauna pretty much sums it all up below!

“My advice would be to always keep perspective…. That the most important thing on the day is that you both are there (or show up!!) and have the time of your lives!  And for the ‘brides to be’ that love the little things and the planning to GO FOR IT and enjoy all the preparation if that’s what you like… It’s the one day that you can be as loved up as can be (and cheesey) and show all your friends and family that you are marrying the man of your dreams!” 

Sounds like perfect advice to me! Thanks for allowing me to share your lovely day and wishing you both all the best for your adventures in Dubai! And huge thanks to Christina of Brosnan Photographic for giving me the opportunity to feature more of your fantastic work! Go see more amazing Irish weddings in her blog!

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4 Responses to Pop of Purple…A Real Irish Wedding
by Brosnan Photographic

  1. Gorgeous! I love her dress and the bouquet. Can’t wait to shoot my first wedding at Ballymagarvey in June this year!

  2. Her flowers are so pretty! Gorgeous wedding captured so perfectly by Christina.

  3. Thanks for the feature Ciara!

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