Oh Happy Day…Stop Motion Wedding Film
Can’t but make you smile!

I have fallen head over heels for stop motion videography, captured so beautifully here by Bayly and Moore. It’s transporting me back to the days of flip books! Do you remember them? With a flick of your thumb you could get a story to jump from the pages, seemingly by magic! There’s certainly magic at work here as Lisa and Shaun’s Irish/Australian wedding is brought to life in the most fun way imaginable! Starting with an outdoor ceremony, they snacked on an afternoon picnic, before dancing the night away with some traditional Irish music. I dare you to not smile!

The creative duo Bayly and Moore are based in New Zealand, but regularly spend time in this part of the world, and would be delighted to capture your day in their own happy style!

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3 Responses to Oh Happy Day…Stop Motion Wedding Film
Can’t but make you smile!

  1. Wow I’m in love with this!! What a gorgeous wedding, and stop motion is such a fun way to capture it!

  2. Thisis beautiful Ciara – and just the right balance between fun and capturing the essence of the day. Love the circular picnic, the guys having breakfast and the scene by the pool. Amazing.

  3. Very unique! As a photographer I could see having this as my wedding video! Great combination of photo and video!

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