Irish Coastal Adventure…Trash the Dress
by Black Box Photography

Happy Friday everyone, and for anyone lucky enough to be in Ireland for St Patricks day, happy three day weekend! I’m excited to share Style Serendipity’s first ‘Trash the Dress’ session today, from the ever amazing Black Box Photography! For those of you who haven’t come across the concept before, this kind of a session allows a couple to get creative with photos after the big day, without the worry of getting the dress ruined!

Ali and Gareth are clearly adventurous folk and decided on a coasteering session, traversing cliffs and rocks along the northern Irish coastline and finishing up at a local sandy beach. I think you’ll agree their bravery was well worth it! Coastal views are one of my favourite things about the Irish scenery, so it’s fantastic to see couples taking advantage of such beauty.

Louise and Louie (husband and wife team extraordinaire, of Black Box Photography) really do go to any lengths to get the perfect shot! They weren’t afraid to scale cliffs and clamber over rocks, even if it resulted in a few bruises and soaked clothes!

Such a stunning set of photos, that I’m sure Ali and Gareth with treasure for many years to come. Often the pressure of a time schedule at weddings, means couples don’t get to spend as long with a photographer as they would like. Trash the Dress (also known as Rock the Frock, or Cherish the Dress) sessions could be the ideal solution! So, even if it’s many years after your wedding, why not dig your wedding dress out of the wardrobe and consider a photoshoot in a favourite location. You might be just be left with amazing photos like this!

Huge thanks to Louise and Louie from Black Box Photography for being brave enough to embrace the freezing elements, and for sharing the whole experience with us! Be sure to explore more of their creative flair in their blog!

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone, have a great weekend wherever you are!

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10 Responses to Irish Coastal Adventure…Trash the Dress
by Black Box Photography

  1. Gorgeous! I would love to do more of those sessions! Absolute favourite photo is the 6th or from the top;)

  2. Yea!! Thanks Ciara so much for featuring Ali & Gareth’s TTD. We had so much fun doing this shoot – bruises and all! Louie even fell into the sea at one point! lol x

  3. Jude

    Absolutely stunning set of photos.

  4. alison

    Ah thanks so much for featuring our photos! we had an amazing day doing them and we were over the moon with the results! cannot recommend blackbox photography enough, they deliver amazing pictures time after time and they really did go above and beyond with this photo shoot!! we loved it!!!! x

  5. Those pictures are amazing! Ali and Gareth are the cutest couple!
    On the 8th picture (from the top) I really like the color combo’s I see in the picture. It is nice and warm :)

  6. Aargh! Not sure if I’d have the nerve to go into the elements like that in my wedding dress, even after I’ve worn it for the day! But the photos and memories you’d get from it would be worth a few stains!

  7. Always love a good trash the dress session! The lighting is lovely in these photos!

  8. Fantastic pictures, beautiful lighting, can’t believe it was cold it looks so warm

  9. Gorgeous pictures, the lighting and the scenery are perfect, they look really natural and happy

  10. Breathtaking picture, the location is awesome. All the shots are stunning and reflects love between the couple, the shot of ring is amazing.

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