Wedding Styling Workshop…
With Joy Thigpen

Happy Monday once again! Some of you may have already realised I’ve been living it up in the U.S of A for the last week! While it’s partly been a holiday, the main reason I’m this side of the pond is to attend a wedding styling workshop with the legendary Joy Thigpen! Style Serendipity is all about style inspiration, but I have also been dipping my toe into the world of styling and have loved every minute of it!

Image Credits: Jose Villa

You may not recognise the name Joy Thigpen straight off, but I have no doubt if you scroll through some of these stunning images, you’ll have seen her incredible styling before. While planning my own wedding last April, I bookmarked any image that I found inspiring online, and after a while realised that most of my favourite images had been styled by Joy.

Image Credits: Jose Villa

I’ve always been passionate about the world of styling be it from a fashion, interiors or design perspective. Planning my own wedding (with my lovely husband!) opened up a whole new world of wedding styling to me, which partly inspired me to create Style Serendipity. I got the chance to style a 60′s aviation shoot with Christina Brosnan recently which I’m looking forward to unveiling next week, and it’s really an area that I would love to build on, and start offering styling services to real couples and photographers.

Image credits: Jose Villa

The world of wedding styling, as opposed to wedding planning is quite new. A wedding stylist is responsible for the complete look and feel of the day, ensuring that all details and elements combine together t0 tell your story and the essence of who you are as a couple. It is a once in a lifetime occasion that I feel, should be aesthetically pleasing but also authentic and personal to you.

Image credits: Jose Villa

There are no formal courses that you can take to qualify exclusively in the area of wedding styling, so when I heard that Joy was running a workshop, sharing her experience and wealth of information I knew I had to jump at the chance to participate!

Image credits: Jose Villa | Tec Petaja

So I’m ridiculously excited (and partly terrified!) at the prospect of taking part in the course this week, but I’m sure that it will help me to bring my styling skills to a whole new level, and mark the start of a new and wonderful aspect of Style Serendipity! So guys and dolls, if you’re looking for some guidance in bringing your the wedding style together, or would like to collaborate on a styled inspiration shoot, send me an email!

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6 Responses to Wedding Styling Workshop…
With Joy Thigpen

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Chi

    Wow – how exciting, Ciara!

    Good for you for taking the leap!! You certainly have a great eye for detail so I’ve no doubt that you’ll be an amazing stylist.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing you Instagram “diary”, too, by the way! Enjoy the rest of your time out there! :D

    • Ciara

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words Chi! It’s scaring taking the leap but that’s all part of the fun I suppose! Will certainly be aiming to make the most of it! Hope you’re good! :)

  3. Ohhh – what an exciting new venture Ciara : )

  4. I find myself more and more looking forward to your posts. This one imparticular has made me smile very much. I cant wait to see you live the dream and put all those workshop skills into use! A million great wishes for you. Kate x

    • Ciara

      Awh Kate, you made me well up a bit! thanks so much for your good wishes, who knows where the adventure will lead me, but I’m very much looking forward to finding out and having lots of fun along the way! x

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