Creative Ceremony Backdrops…
Hot Trend for 2012

I’m always a fan of adding a little ‘oomph’ and personality to your wedding celebration, so this latest trend is a personal favourite! Recently, couples have gone all creative when it comes to their ceremony backdrops and effect is amazing! Some of the backdrops below could be considered works of art! But don’t let that deter you, there are loads of ideas on the DIY spectrum to suit, even if you have a ‘make and do’ phobia!

Image Credit: Scott Townsley via 100 Layer Cake

With more and more Irish couples opting for a civil ceremony, the world of personalised ceremony locations has finally opened up, and the world is your oyster!

Paper can be made to do amazing things if you know how! The stunning backdrop above was created from rolls and rolls of receipt paper, which were then glued onto a foam board. Ok, so this may suit more of a craft queen, but you have to admit the effect is just beautiful.

Image Credit: Arrow & Apple via Style Me Pretty

When I first saw the stunning wedding of Elsie Larson, from A Beautiful Mess, it took my breath away! Oversized Pinwheels might be a little bit more approachable than loops of receipt paper, but they have no less spectacular an effect. Not only would a wall of colourful pin wheels make a great focal point for your ceremony, they’re ideal for covering up plain walls. You can find a great tutorial for making your own ones here, or buy pretty ones here!

Image Credits: Orange 2 Photography via HWTM | Altmix Photography via Ruffled

They say if you fold 1000 paper cranes then your heart’s desires will come true, and for Laura and Jon, their colourful crane curtain proved the perfect setting for their vows.  Be warned though, if you fancy creating your own version make sure you can convince plenty of people to help! With the help of family and friends, and Laura’s 5th grade students (I like her style!), they folded over 1300 origami cranes to create their wedding backdrop! Surely they deserve their hearts desires after all that work!

Image Credits: via Pinterest | via Green Wedding Shoes | Pen/Carlson via Style Me Pretty

If paper’s not your thing, lights in all their loveliness are an obvious choice, creating a cosy and romantic setting. Also, if you’re having a church ceremony it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the backdrop fun! I love the idea of framing the entrance to the church with an arch of twisted willow branches and fairy lights, bringing the outside in!

Image Credits: Arrow & Apple via Style Me Pretty | Justine Ungaro via Lauren Elise Crafted | Clayton Austin via Every Last DetailJonas Peterson  via Lauren Elise Crafted

Typography has been in a huge trend lately. If you’re looking for something a little different with a contemporary edge then there are loads of fun options. You could spell out a passage from a favourite poem or song or write your names with the date. You can buy ready made canvases like the eye chart banner above, or if you’re feeling really  brave you could try recreate this blackboard and chalk masterpiece!

Image Credit: Jenny Jiminez via Style me Pretty

Image Credit: Charley Star via Paige Appel

Finally if DIY sounds like a jail sentence, have no fear, there are other options! Would you believe the beautiful ruffled turquoise creation above is actually a shower curtain from Anthropologie? The gorgeous wedding is that of wedding stylist extraordinaire Paige Appel from dream team Bash Please, so you can’t get a better recommendation than that!

It shows that even the most unlikely materials have the potential to be a beautiful backdrop! Also the ever reliable BHLDN has ready made floral backdrops available to purchase.

So, be brave! Take the plunge and opt for a statement ceremony backdrop that will be memorable for you and your guests, and perhaps give you an art installation that you can enjoy in your home for many years to come!

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22 Responses to Creative Ceremony Backdrops…
Hot Trend for 2012

  1. Wonderful ideas, my great post. My personal favourites are the one with the lights;)

    • Ciara

      Thanks Sona, love the light ones too! Really hope more Irish couples will embrace the chance to get creative, so much potential!

  2. I LOVE the typography and the chalk board, know of one of our brides who would heart it.
    Brill post, love the paper dragons myself…. Mind has been wandering all morning with ideas since I’ve read this post! C

    • Ciara

      Thanks Kate! Glad to hear it gave you some pretty distraction for the afternoon, in my view that’s my job done! ;) Would love to see some of the ideas put into action by someone crafty! Bet you’d be well able to recreate a stunner!

  3. I want to use them all! Thanks for the post Ciara.

  4. Wow. i LOVE the dropdown made out of receipt rolls. How clever is that?
    Great post. Just gave me loads of ideas but on a smaller scale;)

    Just thinking, have never been to a wedding where creativity played a role. It’s always some very expensive hotel function room with hugely expensive band and food and flowers. And the women were expensive but boring frocks

    Love the typography styling too.

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  7. wonderful ideas, venues and decorations. typography is my favourite trend too!

  8. Shelly Pluchino

    Planning an outdoor ceremony under the trees in our backyard. Love the “true love is a big deal”. What is the source for that?

    • Ciara

      Hi Shelly, I love the sound of a ceremony under the trees! The sign was handmade by the bride and groom but I’m sure you could do something similar with a pretty font!

  9. Beautiful lights and origami! Well done!

  10. Ashley

    My fiance and I are folding 1000 cranes and want to make the curtain, what did they hang from? :)

    • Ciara

      Hi Ashley that sounds amazing! I can’t completely tell from the picture what they used to hang them but I imagine they probably used a curtain rod which was suspended from the ceiling with rope. Best of luck with the 1000 cranes, send us a picture after the big day! Ciara

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