Bald Head Island…A Real American Wedding
By Millie Holloman Photography


While I’m getting the benefit of some sunshine and sand in beautiful North Carolina at the moment, it’s not all time off you know, (ahem!). I jumped at the chance to do a little hands on local research and delve into the world of weddings, North Carolina style!

I was assured that one of the most beautiful places to get married here is on Bald Head Island, a coastal nature reserve that’s just a 20 min minute boat trip across the Cape Fear river. Cars aren’t allowed on the island to preserve the beauty of the maritime forest, creeks and 14 miles of sandy beaches, so you can see why it would be a tempting location for a destination wedding!

Thanks to the beautiful work of Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography today we get a glimpse of just how beautiful a beach wedding here can be! Shane and Stephanie got engaged in Madrid Spain, but felt that The Village Chapel on Bald Head Island would be the perfect place to celebrate their wedding.

I know that when I think of the words ‘beach wedding’, a dozen cliches come to mind. People are often afraid to do anything too formal, or stray from a nautical or sea inspired theme. What I love about Stephanie and Shane’s style is that they haven’t let the beach location define the look and instead have simply chosen classic elements and colours that would work in any setting, but really pop in the coastal and wooded location.

With no cars allowed on the island (only golf buggy’s and bikes!) the obvious choice for their wedding exit was a tandem bike ride, love it!

Stephanie allowed all her bridesmaids choose their own dresses, with the only guideline being short and neutral. It’s a look that I hope more Irish brides will embrace, as it solves the conundrum of finding one dress that everyone is happy with, and also keeps things fresh and original!

The location is just stunning isn’t it? You get the best of both worlds on the island, with plenty of photo opportunities on the beach or among the trees. I noticed the Spanish Moss on the trees here the other day and it looks really striking in the image above. It’s native to the southern states of the United States and throughout the Southern hemisphere so don’t think there’ll be any chance of recreating the images in Ireland, but it shows the impact of wedding pictures among mature trees, and we have plenty of them!

All the eye catching florals you see were designed by Stephanie’s mom, which added a lovely personal connection to the decor for the day at The Bald Head Island Club. If you don’t have as talented friends and family to help you with the day, worry not! There are a dedicated event management team available to help you plan your wedding on the Island. They can help you plan a small intimate wedding or a grand affair, guiding you through the range of locations, and vendors available to create whatever you have in mind.

And of course what beach wedding would be complete without some sandy pictures? It really is Nicholas Sparks country round here so you couldn’t get a more romantic setting! Thanks so much to Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography for allowing us to get a taste of a Bald Head Island wedding! And to Stephanie and Shane, huge congratulations and all the best for your life together!

So, would you be tempted by a North Carolina destination wedding? From what I’ve seen for the last few days I know I would…don’t think I can convince my husband to do it all over again though! Anyone having an American destination wedding already? I’d love to hear how all the planning is coming along!

Wedding Details: Photography: Rachel of Millie Holloman Photography | Venue: Bald Head Island Country Club | Reception Music: The Shakedown

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By Millie Holloman Photography

  1. You are so right, this does not say “beach wedding” to me in the cliched way people often think of it. This looks like a really simple, elegant wedding and awesome photography!

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