Year of the Dragon….A Real Buddhist Wedding
Our Labor of Love by Heidi

In honour of Chinese New Year, I thought it would be nice to get a taste of some eastern heritage! So today, I bring you this beautiful Buddhist wedding ceremony by Heidi from Our Labor of Love!

I’ve always been a big advocate of the wedding weekend, if you can make it work! Doan and Jason embraced the idea from start to finish by having a traditional Buddhist ceremony in Passadena on Friday, followed by an American ceremony in Palm Springs on Saturday!

I love that Jason had to use an umbrella to escape the warm sun! (yes I know they’re actually called parasols, but here in Ireland the rain variety are the only kind that get an appearance!)

One of the first things that jumped out at me about Doan and Jason’s wedding was the kaleidoscope of bright colours that they embraced throughout their day! The colour red signifies good fortune and joy in Chinese culture, so it’s the perfect choice for a wedding.

What really brings the colourful theme together though, is Doan’s amazing pink sequined dress! I would never have thought pink and red would work so well together but she rocks the look!

Their American ceremony was equally colourful, vibrant and full of personality so be sure to check in on Monday for Part 2! Thanks so much to Heidi of Our Labor of Love for giving us a glimpse of some Oriental glamour! She’s available for international weddings so be sure to check out her blog for more amazing images!

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5 Responses to Year of the Dragon….A Real Buddhist Wedding
Our Labor of Love by Heidi

  1. I love Our Labour of Love – this wedding looks amazing!

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  3. I love to photograph bright colors. This ceremony was such a treat to witness as well. Thanks for sharing with your readers!

  4. It was so nice to meet you. Love the colours in these photos. It looks like a really happy, authentic ceremony. Beautiful!

    • Ciara

      So lovely to meet you too Tina, thanks for inviting me along and for organising the meet up on Saturday, I’ll be hoping I can make it to another one soon!

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