Wishing Trees…An alternative guest book

Saying your wedding vows in front of all your favourite people is not only one of the most amazing things about your day, it’s also quite likely the only occasion as a couple, where all your guests from various parts of your life, get together for one day.

Image credit: Green Tree Photography via One Stylish Bride

The tradition of having these special guests leave well wishes and wedding messages stretches back hundreds of years. Originally everyone who attended a wedding was considered a witness and was required to sign the marriage document. Today, even though the legal requirements for witnesses have changed, the concept of a guest book remains as a wonderful remembrance of your big day.

Lately though, couples have been coming up with more and more creative ideas to gather these mementoes. We opted to have a fingerprint tree at our wedding, but the latest trend set to become big in 2012, is the wedding wishing tree!

Image Credits: Branco Prata via The Wedding Chicks | Lauren Michelle via Once Wed 

The wishing tree concept is common in many countries around the world, but it’s only lately that it has crept into mainstream wedding trends.

It can be as simple as a few branches in a glass, or be a full planted growing tree! Guests can write their message on a card and pin it to a branch with a mini clothes peg, or colourful ribbon.

Image Credits: Carla Ten Eyck via Style me Pretty | Studio G | via Etsy  | Elizabeth Messina via Style me Pretty |

There’s loads of room for creativity creating your wishing tree. Many couples decorate the branches, arrange them in a vase, or spray paint them different colours to suit their wedding theme.

Personally though, I love the idea of using a real tree, like the show stopping olive tree above. Not only do you get a stunning statement piece to decorate your venue, the tree can then be planted in your garden and become a special part of your history, and story as it continues to grow.

Image Credits: Docuvitae via Style me Pretty | Harwell Photography via Style me Pretty | Carla Ten Eyck via Style me Pretty | Our Labor of Love via My DIY Wedding Day

What to do with all the messages once the day is over? If you’ve created an wishing tree with arranged branches you could incorporate it into the decor in your home. Or some couples opt to remove the messages (especially if it’s a real tree!) and create a framed collage of all the pretty tags together.

Whatever you opt for, I think it could be a lovely way of creating a more interactive and long lasting guest book, that doesn’t end up at the bottom of a drawer neglected! What are your thoughts? Is a wishing tree something you’d like to include in your special day?

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6 Responses to Wishing Trees…An alternative guest book

  1. Such a sweet idea! We had something similar at our launch party but the guests pinned the messages to bunting – it was great fun and it’s lovely to read the messages afterwards : )

  2. I love the idea of the wishing trees – such a simple and visually beautiful idea, with lovely thoughts to keep forever :-)

  3. Great idea. I was shooting a wedding where a bride and her mum made their own one and it was absolutely perfect!

    • Ciara

      Great to hear wishing trees are beginning to appear at Irish weddings! Would love to see a real one in action, think it’s such a lovely idea!

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  5. Love this idea. Looks so pretty!

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