Wedding Styling….Where to begin?!

As we get back into the swing of things and fight through the post Christmas slump, I’m sure there are many of you who are still walking on air following a festive proposal! Be sure to bask in the glow of the newly engaged sparkle and simply enjoy the feeling for a while to catch your breath!

Image credits: Veil and Bow via Grey Likes Weddings

That being said, at some point the planning questions will kick in and suddenly things like flowers, colours, venues, dresses, table plans, and so on will take on a whole new level of importance in your world! It can be overwhelming to know where to begin, and how to channel and filter the huge variety of resources out there to create a day that reflects you and your partners style.

First things first, have the all important chat to identify your priorities about the big ticket items such as type of ceremony, venue preference, guest list and budget. Once you have defined these, you can start thinking about what style of day would feel right for you as a couple, and give your guests and yourselves an authentic and personal wedding experience.

Image credits: 1: Michelle Warren Photography via Style me Pretty | 2: Adam Barnes via Grey Likes Weddings | 3: Adrienne Page via Snippet and Ink  | 4: via 100 Layer Cake

So how do you figure out what’s the perfect style for you?

  • Look for inspiration everywhere! Wedding magazines and blogs offer a wealth of resources, right at your finger tips. Start keeping a folder online, or buy a paper folder and book mark and pull any image that resonates with you. It doesn’t just have to be wedding related, it could be the colour of a painting, the print on wrapping paper, the texture of a favourite dress, or the decor of your local restaurant!
  • After a while, as you see certain ideas emerge, start grouping similar things together. If you see two contrasting aesthetics jumping out at you, then make separate groups that can be returned to.
  • Storyboards are a fantastic visual way to see a pattern or style that dominates your taste. If you’re a tactile person, create one with a foam or cork board that you can pin up in your home.
  • The internet also has some amazing tools for creating an online version. Style me Pretty in particular allows you to build your own inspiration board. You can search by style, item or colour and it allows you to save it for future reference! Well worth checking out here
  • If you haven’t explored my latest obsession Pinterest yet, be sure to have a look! It allows you to create online pin boards, pulling images that inspire you from different websites. You can also search for anything you have in mind, and gain ideas from other peoples boards!

As a particular look becomes more obvious, try and describe what you are seeing. E.g. Is it minimal, vibrant, patterned, chic, playful, rustic, bold etc. These will help focus your thoughts and allow your wedding suppliers to get a clearer idea of what style you love!

It can be tempting to think of the style of your day in terms of a specific theme or detail, but to avoid things becoming too narrow or gimmicky, try to use a style as a guide rather than a literal reproduction. E.g. If you love Morocco, rather than recreating a desert back drop and serving the wedding meal from a tagine, try incorporating the vivid jewel tones into your bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers and use lanterns and soft cushions to create a soft and inviting setting.

Image Credits: 1. via Kara’s Party Ideas | 2: via Love vs. Design

Too often in Irish weddings over the years, couples have felt they had to make certain decisions about the day, just because that’s how all the weddings before then have been. It can be hard to balance the expectations of family and friends, and depending on the type of wedding, their views will have more or less weight and influence. Ideally, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and change up traditions to suit yourselves, but equally don’t be pressured to change the image you’ve had of your wedding since you were four just because it’s been done before.

I know people were a bit surprised when we chose to have a small church ceremony in Ireland with just our parents in attendance, followed by a ceremony and party in France with all our family and close friends. It was unusual, but I will say it was one of the best wedding decisions we made, as it felt right for us…so if you made it to the end of my rambling what I’m trying to say is, the golden rule of wedding planning is try to be true to yourselves!

Have you any specific styling questions, or are you looking for a bit of guidance in how to bring it all together?! Be sure to let me know below!

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4 Responses to Wedding Styling….Where to begin?!

  1. Fabulous post Ciara! Love your information!

  2. Brilliant starting point for so many couples that commence the planning process in January. Lovely images too Ciara.

  3. Hi Ciara,

    Oh my gosh that cake is amazing! So lovely to meet you too and have a really good look at your blog. The beautiful photography really makes it special but the design also stands out. A great job! I think you have a very fast growing readership. xx

    • Ciara

      Hi Tracy, thanks for your kind words! It was so lovely to meet you the other day and have a new collection of gorgeous blogs to while away the hours with! Hoping to meet you all again very soon!

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