Doan and Jason Part 2…A Real American Wedding
Our Labor of Love by Heidi

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! If you’re looking for a bit of a lift to get your week off to a great start, then I hope Part 2 of Doan and Jason’s colourful celebration, from Our Labor of Love by Heidi, brings a smile to your face.

Following their traditional Buddhist celebration on Friday, Doan and Jason wanted an American ceremony to complete their wedding experience, and wait til you see the sparkling party fest they created!

It was essential to Doan and Jason that their family and friends would feel involved in the event, so creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere was their driving motivation in the planning process.

“Overall, it was important to us that our wedding was a very personal experience to share with our family and friends.  Thus, we had Jason’s aunt preside over the wedding ceremony and also had all of our guests participate in a small part of the ceremony as well.  We wanted everyone to truly feel and be a part of the bond that was being celebrated through our wedding.”    

The laid back bohemian vibe of The Ace Hotel turned out to be the perfect playful setting, with fun details like alcoholic sno-cones, an asian candy bar, and sangria at each table, allowing their guests feel like they were at a rocking house party!

“We wanted the wedding to be a special moment, but we also wanted it to be a blast for everyone involved.  Thus, we just always kept in our minds when making all of our different decisions that in addition to having the traditional elements of a wedding, we wanted our wedding day to be a real party and celebrate with those closest to us.” 

Wedding budgets can get out of control before you know it, but one of the best decisions Doan and Jason felt they made, was hiring a top quality wedding photographer. That way they knew they would have a set of photos that would do justice to their big day, long after the event was over.

“Your wedding day is guaranteed to fly by.  The experience is amazing, but before you know it, the day is over.  Thus, in our opinion, it’s very important to hire a great photographer whose style you like to help you capture all the fun and beautiful moments of your wedding.  Hiring a photographer we really liked was one of the best decisions we made.”

Like Doan and Jason, one of the things that surprised me most about our own wedding day, was how much I enjoyed having time to take some special photos away from the hustle and bustle of the day. So allocating enough time to take some couple portraits is something I also couldn’t recommend enough.

“Try to set aside some extra time to take photos in interesting and fun locations.  It’s not too often that most people have the chance to get made up, dress up, and have a professional photograph them.  Thus, maximize the experience and enjoy yourself while doing so.”       

The emotion in these photos is just beautiful isn’t it? And as much as I love all the extra details that go into making a wedding day an expression of a couple, at the end of it all, as long as the ceremony happens, that’s all that matters!

“The most memorable moment of our wedding was definitely when we exchanged our vows.  We wrote our own vows, which we recommend others do as well if possible.  It was truly a special moment when we exchanged vows and heard what we had written for one another.  It was during this process when the power and mystique of our marriage really began to feel tangible for the first time.  We will never forget those moments for the rest of our lives.”  

A simple collection of coloured glass vases and vibrant flowers were the perfect accompaniment to the large balloons and paper banner, that decorated the event space. It shows how a few well chosen details can transform an area, and it’s a look that could be easily (and cheaply!) recreated at any celebration.

“This may sound really obvious and a given for some people, but one piece of advice we have for others who are currently planning their weddings is to make sure to do things the way you want.  Once you let people know you’re getting married, it seems like everyone has an opinion about what your wedding should be like.  In the end, though, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s expectations and requests.  More importantly, your wedding should be about you, your partner, and how you want the celebration to go.”    

Thanks so much to Heidi from Our Labor of Love for sharing such a vibrant collection of her work, and thanks to Doan and Jason for your advice and insight, huge congrats to you both!

Wedding Details: Photography: Heidi of Our Labor of Love | Venue: Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs | Coordinator: April Seuss of The Bride and I | Floral design: Primary Petals | Wedding dress: custom Monique Lhuillier (and it’s for sale) | Hairpieces: Twigs & Honey | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang | Grooms suit: Prada | Invitations & Paper goods: DIY  | Catering: Ace Hotel | Cake: Over the Rainbow Cupcakes | Music: James Gonzales

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Our Labor of Love by Heidi

  1. So cool! Love the splashes of bright colours!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this wedding!!

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