College Love… A real Irish wedding
by Sosac Photography

Friday’s gorgeous real wedding is another homegrown Cork event by the fantastic SOSAC Photography, which took place in the Honan Chapel on the grounds of University College Cork. Although I didn’t attend UCC myself, my parents were married in the chapel there, so it’s always been one of my favourite places!

Theresa and Ken also fell under each other’s spell at UCC and although they’re now based in London, they felt it would be nice to return to where their story first began!

“We both went to UCC and were in the same class.  We were all part of a big gang and we got together in 3rd year even though I had feelings well before that!  Following UCC I moved to London and Ken did a masters but wasn’t far behind the following summer. We wanted to get married in the Honan chapel in UCC as we thought it would be lovely to go back to where we first met.  The Honan chapel is a lovely size and is beautiful inside and makes a gorgeous setting for a wedding.” 

London provided the backdrop to their proposal. Ken planned a romantic boat trip, picnic and park walk and didn’t allow a bit of rain to deter him from popping the all important question!

“I couldn’t understand why Ken was so adamant about walking home through the park! It was now completely empty because the rain had cleared everyone out, it was still drizzling so we were getting a bit wet! He said he had found a new look out while he was cycling the week before that he wanted to show me.  Before I know it we are under a beautiful tree at the top of the park looking out over London and I look around and Ken is down on one knee!!! I was overjoyed and then ran home and ken had champagne in the fridge and a taxi waiting to bring us to a Michelin star restaurant in town.”

One of the first details that caught my eye was the beautiful pink sash and flower on Theresa’s stunning dress. Although not originally part of the dress, she decided to alter the details, which really adds to it don’t you think? So ladies if you find your dream dress but want to tweak it a bit to suit your style, don’t be afraid to ask, it can be done!

“I got my dress in Rice and Roses, I wanted to make it my own so I got the dress maker to put a sweetheart on it, put some sleeves that I liked and we also put a dusky pink ribbon and flower.  I think that was meant to be as I brought a piece of ribbon home from London and I got home and Mammy had bought a pink lace flower and they matched completely so that was obviously meant to be”

Ken also looks pretty dapper doesn’t he? I love the shot Shane from SOSAC Photography got of them all lined up against the wall above, they look like men on a mission! The combination of the groomsmen’s grey suits with Ken’s own navy one looks really striking, it’s a simple but effective way of giving coherence to the group, while still allowing the groom a look of his own!

The Honan is one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding in Cork city so I always enjoy when I get the opportunity to play in our string quartet at a wedding there. Theresa and Ken made the most of the gorgeous setting and acoustic by having friend and opera singer Aoife Miskelly to perform for the ceremony.

“Friend of a friend Aoife Miskelly, an opera singer from Belfast who also lives in London,  offered to sing in the church accompanied by her friend Ronan who played the piano/organ. The church music was absolutely fabulous, I could have stayed there all day listening to the music.  It made the church extra special.”

Theresa’s flower and lace detailing on her dress were the perfect inspiration to inspire a theme that evolved for the day, also echoed in her bridesmaid dresses. I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were from Zara! There are so many gorgeous dresses out there that could work as bridesmaid dresses so it’s well worth checking non wedding clothes shops also, you might find just what you’re looking for, at a far more pocket friendly price!

“I didn’t really have a theme, things evolved over time and everything seemed to work.   My mother found the bridesmaid dresses in Zara and they had lace at the bottom so it kind of all matched. It became a kind of an old style lace theme with flowers thrown in! I got the flower girl dress in Next online and with the flower it tied into my flower on my dress!  We then ended up putting a flower on the bridesmaids aswell!   

Shane made the most of the gorgeous grounds of UCC campus and got some fantastic images. I particularly love the group shot in the quad, with the autumnal colours reflected by the ivy.

Theresa and Ken continued their day at the Fota Island Resort, where more beautiful photos were captured.

“We had our reception in Fota.  We looked at lots of hotels in Cork and I went back to Fota where my sister got married in 2010 as the service is brilliant, the food is absolutely gorgeous, restaurant style at a wedding which is rare, and provides a lovely relaxed setting for the guests.”

Both being from big families Theresa and Ken had plenty of help in bringing all the details together on the day, so that when it finally arrived, they could get on with enjoying it and celebrating with their favourite people.

“It was nice we had so many family and friends helped out they all helped with their own personal touches for us! Friends sang in the church Aoife, Dora and Ronan music, cousin Clark DJ’ed, my aunt Frances made the cake, my brother videoed the day, my mother did the flowers for the table in Fota, my sister laid out little love notes on butterflies on all of the tables in Fota, my sister in law did the invitations, my friend Michelle rolled all the mass booklets and tied pink ribbons around them!  All in all, our friends and family are the most important thing to us and this was represented on the day as they helped us so much.”

I think my favourite image from the day has to be the one below, Shane, it’s a stunner, and the perfect backdrop for Theresa and Ken to start their new adventure together! As Theresa so eloquently put it, as long as the most important thing about the day comes together (the getting married part!), everything else is just details!

“Don’t stress the small stuff, things fall into place, and sometimes it is very easy get to caught up in everything.  Remind yourself you are really only trying to achieve one thing from the day and that is to be married!”

Thanks so much Theresa for allowing us to feature some of your lovely day, all the best to you and Ken for the future! And thanks yet again to Shane O’Sullivan of SOSAC Photography for sharing another beautiful Cork wedding. There’s loads more to be seen on his blog, so be sure to check it out!



Wedding details: Photography: SOSAC Photography | Dress: Pronovias at Rice n Roses | Veil & Accessories: Rice n Roses | Venue: The Honan Chapel and Fota Island Resort | Flowers : Flower Power | Videography: Bride’s brother | Hair & Makeup: Colours | Groom’s Suit : Lapel | Catering: Fota Island Resort | Music: Never heard of ‘Em | Bridesmaids dresses : Zara | Flower Girl:  Next |

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by Sosac Photography

  1. Thanks for featuring Ken and Theresa’s wedding Ciara. Delighted to be featured on your blog.

  2. Amy

    Superb Photography ..

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