Food glorious food….wedding decor ideas

Image credits: While Wall Photography

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and if you’re lucky, are still enjoying the break! I know good food has fared high on my to do list for the last few days! If you’re wondering how you’ll ever take another bite, and what to do with all the left overs, then how about this for a wedding theme?

Now I’m not quite suggesting you style your day with the remnants of your Christmas feast, but food, particularly the kind you’d find at a farmers market has been inspiration for all of the images you see.

Image Credits: 1. &  2. White Wall Photography | 3 & 4 Green Wedding Shoes

White Wall Photography have gone all out with this concept, using the green and purple shades of baby cabbage, radishes and figs with stunning effects. Think big and consider using fruit, herbs and vegetables in everything from the table arrangements and place cards, to the cake and boutonnieres!

This would be a particularly lovely theme for a green fingered couple, or a set of serious foodies! Green Wedding Shoes created a series of bouquet’s created mainly from vegetables, I had to look twice before I realised they were crafted with artichokes, carrots and kale!

Image Credits: Leif Brandt Photography via The Wedding Chicks

Small planters of shrubs or flowers could be the ideal way of displaying table numbers or seating cards and are an eco friendly favour for guests to take home as a keepsake of the day!

Long tables are beginning to make more of an appearance at Irish weddings, but it can be tricky to know how to style them. Rather than opting for the single arrangement that’s popular on round tables, why not highlight the length and line the table with fruit, vegetables, bread and shrubs for a rustic casual feel?

Image Credits: 1, 2 & 4 Lindsey Myra | 3. Leif Brandt Photography via The Wedding Chicks | 5. Green Wedding Shoes

The vibrant reds and oranges of carrots, berries and radishes work well when balanced with the neutral shades of bread and greenery. Yes, by the way, those are carrot’s in the bouquet above! Not for the faint hearted, but it would certainly make a statement…and maybe come in handy if you get a bit peckish at any point in the day!

Image Credits: 1. Formaggi Ocello | 2. via Polka Dot Bride | 3. via Event Bliss  | 4. via Polka Dot Bride

Finally there’s the piece de resistance, a cheese wheel wedding cake! I’m a serious cheese fan, in fact I won’t lie, the cheese course was almost the highlight of our wedding meal, so I loved the idea of a tiered cake created with a selection of different cheeses. It may not be a crowd pleaser, so have a back up cake on hand if you think you’re guests may prefer chocolate to cheddar, but if you love cheese then go for it! The day is meant to reflect your taste and personality as a couple so a bit of originality goes a long way. Any other cheese fans out there agree with me?!

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4 Responses to Food glorious food….wedding decor ideas

  1. One of my brides this summer was interested in incorporating herbs into her bouquet. I’m going to send her this :)

  2. Love the idea of herbs in a bouquet! Hope your bride gets some inspiration!

  3. That first round up is SO beautiful!! I love the natural and earthy vibe it brings! And those bouquets?
    I’ll have to bookmark these for sure! Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

  4. Thanks Liz! Happy New Years to you too!

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