Movember….A Moustache Filled Bash!

As the month of November draws to a close, I thought it was appropriate to honour the efforts of men all over the world to sprout a fetching moustache for Movember! Not only does Movember give Mo Bro’s (as they are allegedly known!) a chance to flaunt their manly face fuzz, it also raises much needed funds for a fantastic cause. You can read all about the Movember adventure here!

Image credits: Amina Michele | Etsy | Sweet Little Photographs via Style Me Pretty | Etsy | Etsy | Edyta Szyzlo via The Knotty Bride | Sloan Photographers 

Now I know the photo-booth wedding moustache look is a little bit ‘done’ at this stage, but I still think it’s a really fun element that can be a fab starting point for styling your big day! It doesn’t have to be too obvious or brash either, I love the subtle inclusion of the moustache in the invitation above, as well as the little details on the socks and drink stirrers. Simply including it in one element, such as on top of straws can create lots of giggles, and provide some great photo opportunities too!

Image Credits: via Inviting Affairs | Say Cheese | Betsy J | Cake via Pinterest | via Pinterest | Bridal Banter

However, I’m also an advocate for taking the moustache theme to the extreme, if it feels like you! My lovely friends threw me a surprise Hen Party with a Mexican theme before my wedding. We spent the whole night sporting pretend moustaches, loving every minute of our new personas! For fun I sourced lot’s of colourful moustaches on sticks to have handy on the day of the wedding, to relive a bit of our mo’ fro antics, and it provided so much entertainment for the evening! (what can I say, we’re easily pleased!)

Image Credits: Invitation Consultants | A Spoonful of Sugar | Urban Outfitters | Etsy | Etsy | via Have Less Be More | Tanja Lippert via Style Me Pretty | Solas Photography via One Fab Day

So if you’re brave enough, think big! You may not want your groom to rock a moustache on the day of the wedding (or maybe you would!), but why not get him a funky pair of moustache shaped cufflinks. And how chuffed would his groomsmen be to get a moustache hip flask as a present?! Don’t just settle for photo booth props, you can carry the theme through to the cake, mid-night snacks, drinks, thank-you cards and on it goes!

Anyone having any Mo Parties to mark the end of Movember next week?! Most of the ideas above would work equally well in that setting!

If you have any other mo-tastic ideas to share please do tell, and happy Movember all!

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4 Responses to Movember….A Moustache Filled Bash!

  1. Your hen party sounds like a blast Ciara : ) I have to agree, while yes, moustaches have been done, so what! They are still so fun – just looking at the photos makes me smile!

  2. Loving the twirl on that last moustache!

  3. What a brilliant post, those photos are awesome! (hello from BYW!)

    • Ciara

      Thanks! Glad the photos brought some smiles! Thanks for stopping by from BYW Annabel! Hoping to meet up with some of the London folk in January, might see you then! :)

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