Love on the Lake…A Columbian & American wedding
By Glass Jar Photography

You may have spotted Taylor and Oscar’s dreamy wedding video last week by Glass Jar Photography. Well today you get the full feature, and it certainly is a sophisticated stunner!

Merging their American and Columbian heritage, they chose to celebrate their wedding in Taylor’s beautiful family home on the shores of Lake Michigan, making full use of it’s gorgeous decor and surroundings.

There were so many personal touches that really brought the whole day together. I love the idea of stringing up lots of old family photos to decorate your venue. It’s really easy to do, it’s a fab conversation starter and helps to honour where the couple have come from!

Isn’t Taylor a breathtaking bride? With her gorgeous red hair, looks like there could be some Irish heritage there somewhere! And can I just point out that amazing white piano, it would make you want to have a piano in your home just for the sake of it’s loveliness! (and playing it every now and then could be fun too!)

And not forgetting Oscar either, I love how polished he looks in his tux. I know black tie can be a controversial decision, as some people feel you are asking too much of your guests. Personally I think it looks great in certain settings and no need to abide by the rule that if the groom is wearing a tux all the male guests have to as well. (Though I’m sure I’m breaking a million rules of etiquette just by writing that sentence!) What are your views on black tie? A stylish must or an irritating imposition?!

Clearly Taylor and Oscar weren’t too worried about going too formal with things, and decided to go for ice-cream before their ceremony! I could definitely work with that idea!

I know a lot of people struggle with the idea of integrating both sides of the family into their wedding day, not to mind if one side speaks English and the other Spanish, like in this instance. But don’t underestimate the power of a great occasion to bring people together. Whitney and Bethany of Glass Jar Photography said one of the most memorable moments of the day was during the ceremony, when both sides of the congregation joined together and said the ‘Our Father’ simultaneously in different languages. 

If your wedding happens to be taking place on the shores of Lake Michigan, then surely a boat ride is in order. What’s funny about the above images of the lake, is that on first glance with the colouring and light you could be looking at an Irish lake.  So if you have opportunity to take a quick jaunt out on the water on your wedding day, jump at the chance to get a little alone time and some amazing photos!

The same goes for beach photography, there are so many gorgeous Irish beaches out there just waiting for the perfect wedding photo op!

That’s one party I really would have loved to been at! Great food, decor, a photo-booth, sparklers and all your favourite people?! Sound like the perfect ingredients for one spectacular celebration! Thanks so much to Glass Jar Photography for sharing, they are available for Irish weddings, so if you like their style get in touch!

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Glass Jar Photography

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3 Responses to Love on the Lake…A Columbian & American wedding
By Glass Jar Photography

  1. “Dreamy” is the perfect way to describe that wedding!

  2. Josh

    Wow, Amazing work!

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