Happy Anniversary…A one year love shoot
By Black Box Photography

I know wedding blogs by their very nature tend to focus on the lead up to the big day, to give all you lovely engaged folk plenty of inspiration. But most important element which brought you here in the first place, and I hope will follow you long after your special day, is love!

Love is written all over this stunning anniversary shoot, beautifully captured by Louie and Louise of Black Box Photography! What better way to mark the first year of the adventure that is your married life than with a fun photo shoot? It’s definitely an idea I’ll be stealing!

William proposed to Emma during a winter picnic in September 2010 as a flurry of snow fell around them, so it seems apt that their first anniversary shoot would also a have a romantic outdoor setting!

Choosing an adorable camping theme, they brought their wedding album with them to reflect on what an amazing year they had experienced together.

Emma explains why they decided to mark their anniversary with a shoot.

“We had seen the photographs that Blackbox had taken for friends of ours and we loved them. We had plenty of wedding photographs which were quite posed and we just wanted something a bit more fun to celebrate our first year of marriage. These photographs are something we will always look back on. What better way to mark an anniversary!

The camping theme is such a simple but fun way of getting your personality across, and with so many stunning woodland areas is Ireland couples should definitely be taking advantage of their photo potential.

“We went to Gortin Glen (outside Omagh) as we wanted somewhere outdoors. Together we came up with the idea of a camping theme which was so much fun!  We had a homemade tent, a fire and bunting. Blackbox really tailored it to our occasion as you can see from the photos.”

I’m getting hungry just looking at the toasted marshmallows! But the main thing that radiates from these pictures is just how crazy about each other, Emma and William are!

Their sense of fun and affection for each other is infectious isn’t it? I can’t help but smile looking at the images, which is exactly what Emma and William wanted, and I’m sure there’ll be many more fun anniversaries ahead for them.

“We wanted everything to be natural- the setting and us. We wanted pictures that were not posed but captured our natural interaction with each other. Blackbox has the ability of being able to take a photo which captures such emotion.”

Thanks so much to Lewis and Louise for sharing, there’ll be more from this fab duo coming up next week, so stay tuned if you like what you see, or in the meantime check out more wonderful stuff on their blog!

Image credits: Black Box Photography

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8 Responses to Happy Anniversary…A one year love shoot
By Black Box Photography

  1. Fantastic! So beautiful. Love anniversary shoots!

  2. love love love this shoot by the fab Lou & Lewis.. love the golden tone throughout and the overall setting the couple have created, so whimsical and fun! ( plus i’m now completely craving some chocolatey marshmallow’y gooey’ness!) – great post!

  3. thanks so much Ciara for featuring Emma & Williams shoot :) we are all chuffed! xo

  4. Lovely idea to celebrate anniversaries with a photo-shoot too. I think I have done that walk – is it in Glendalough? Beautiful location.

    • Ciara

      Looks like a gorgeous walk alright Aisling, as far as I know the shoot was just outside Omagh, just goes to show how many lovely wooded areas Ireland is lucky to have!

  5. Thanks Lou and Louise for sharing your gorgeous work! Such a fun shoot to feature! Ciara

  6. You got me at the first photo. And then again at the one where they are behind the fire. Simply beautiful. Love it!

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