P.S. I love you… A real engagement
by Paula O’Hara Photography


I’ve been so excited to share this real engagement shoot with you all week!

Not only did Paula O’Hara portray the Irish landscape at it’s very best in Slieve Foy, Co. Louth, she also captured the sweet long distance love between Alise and Conor, and what a love story it is!

Serendipity and fate stepped in last July when Alise was travelling around Europe. On her last night in Ireland, she happened to lock eyes with a handsome Irish man across a crowded bar in Belfast. They chatted for a while and Alise admits the northern accent was definitely a hit, but as she was due to fly to London the next day, they parted never expecting to see each other again. Clearly Conor was a man on a mission though and not willing to give up that easily!

Alise reveals;

“A few days later I received a facebook message from him and we kept in touch for the rest of my trip. About a month later my friend and I ended back up in Belfast for the last few days of our trip until leaving from Dublin to go home. Conor and I went on our first date during those days and spent the remaining days together. He drove me down to Dublin airport and we said our goodbyes. We knew we had found something special with one another and had to keep in touch. We spent the next couple of months emailing and skyping each other almost every day. Conor flew me back out to see him in October for two weeks. I can honestly say that those two weeks were the best two weeks of my life because that’s when we fell in love with one another. After that, we knew this was it.”

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be so far apart from the one you love, and Alise and Conor flew back and forth as often as they could to be with each other. In December of this year Alise was able to return to Ireland and little did she know what surprise Conor had in store.

“My flight to Belfast was supposed to leave the day after Christmas but was delayed due to snow storms along the east coast of America. Conor contacted the airlines, booked me another flight and pretty much moved heaven and earth to get me there by the 27th. When I arrived in Belfast, my luggage was lost, it was horrible weather and I was not in a happy mood. Little did I know, I was about to get proposed to. When we got back to Conor’s house, he gave me my Christmas presents and among those was a really long story he had written for me. It was our story from his point of view of how we met, how he felt, and everything we had been through in only those 6 months of knowing one another. At the end, he said these 6 months are not enough time to spend with you and told me how much he loved me and got down on one knee right in his living room and asked me to marry him. It was very intimate, sweet and so perfect.”

Sounds like their very own P.S I love story doesn’t it? Just without the sad bit as Paula said! As Alise will be relocating to Ireland after their wedding next year, they have chosen to get married in Alise’s home state of Georgia and have asked Paula O’Hara to travel over and capture the next chapter in their fairytale love story!

I’ll know I’ll be very much looking forward to seeing the next installment!


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6 Responses to P.S. I love you… A real engagement
by Paula O’Hara Photography

  1. Thanks so much. It’s fantastic to read their beautiful story again. I’m excited for America next year!x

  2. Alise Lovin

    Ciara, this turned out lovely! Thank you for featuring our story and finding it so special x

  3. Trish Wilson

    What stunning pictures. Alise you are going to make a stunning bride! Enjoy the planning x

  4. Wow! Really stunning! Love the use of the Irish landscape and background elements. Gorge! Paula, if you need an assistant for the American celebrations who speaks the native tongue (I’m from the States), give me a shout :)

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