Floating on a Cloud

When it comes to the styling of your big day, no one can deny that flowers are often at the heart of the event, with their ability to capture your combined personalities and taste. But how do you achieve the wow factor without compromising the dreaded ‘B’ word, budget?!

Cue center stage, Baby’s Breath! So often baby’s breath has been relegated to supermarket flower stands and garage forecourts, and I know I certainly dismissed it as an overused 80′s filler flower in the past. However the impact it can have when used alone and in abundance is simply stunning, and the added bonus is that it’s much more pocket friendly than some other blooms.

From bouquets and bridal style, to aisle decor and table settings, you can really get creative with baby’s breath and use it to it’s full potential. It immediately brings a fresh, airy and romantic quality to the setting, perfect for brides who are looking for a simple and ethereal show stopper.

So what do you think? Would you be tempted to reinvent this classic, or is it just too close to cellophane chic?!

Image credits.

Bouquet 1: Elizabeth Messina, via Ritzybee | Bouquet 2: Marianne Wilson via Style me Pretty | Bouquet 3: Clayton Austin, via Love and Lavender | Bouquet 4: Jose Villa, via Lovely Bride | Place cards: Braedon photography, via Style me Pretty | Champagne: Kaysen Photography, via Tiffany Lane | Table décor: Anna Sawin, via Style me Pretty | Aisle Décor: Leigh Miller Photography | Ceremony  flowers: Sweet Caroline Photo, via Style me Pretty | Bridal hair: Kaysen Photography, via Tiffany Lane 

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