Bright are the stars that shine,
A real engagement by Craig Photography
and Abby Warhola

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sharing our first trans-atlantic feature on the blog today. While Irish weddings are our main inspiration, I’m starting a new series featuring a shoot from a different country each week, to bring a bit of global glamour and international perspective! I promise you won’t be disappointed with this unique engagement shoot, beautifully captured in Pennsylvania by Craig Photography 

Although Summer is my favourite season and I’m pining for the sunshine and light that never made it to Ireland this year, I always think there’s a certain magic and electricity in the air around Halloween.

So as the evenings grow cooler and darker I thought it only appropriate to embrace a moodier palette and show how choosing the right dark and rich colours for your wedding can create the ultimate stage for smoky vintage glamour.

In this show-stopper of a real engagement, the couple has rocked royal blue, gold, purple, and copper tones to create a style all of their own. It’s clear that Abby and Jesse are amazingly creative folk and brought their combined talents to the shoot. Abby styled all the details for the day and Jesse used his own beautiful art work as a striking backdrop.

Abby and Jesse not only wanted to have a beautiful momento of their engagement, they also decided to use it as an opportunity to try out colours and wedding ideas that will feature in their big day, which is certainly an idea worth considering.

How amazing is Abby’s dress?! She’s eager to wear a non traditional coloured wedding dress for their wedding day also, and after seeing this stunner I think more brides should seriously consider a non white alternative!

Serious time and effort must have been put into all the little details. I love the little bottles of lavender oil, wouldn’t they be a lovely favour to get at a wedding? Abby’s beautiful calligraphy can be seen on the tags and the handmade invitation she created. She even went as far as to painstakingly hand paint the ostrich eggs you see, using a method called pisanki, that’s commitment right there!

I think you’ll agree though, all the effort was worth it. Their ideas are refreshingly different and their combined personal style shines through!

Had you ever considered creating a wedding cake using pancakes before? Nope, me neither but clearly it can be done and check out how effective it looks! According to Elizabeth of Craig photography, it was really delicious too!

For any of you lucky enough to be near Pittsburgh, Abby is available to hire as an event designer, and clearly you’ll be in good hands!

Image credits:

Photography: Craig Photography | Styling: Abby Warhola | Art work: Jesse Best | Hair and Make up: Beauty Justified | Flowers: Mocha Rose

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11 Responses to Bright are the stars that shine,
A real engagement by Craig Photography
and Abby Warhola

  1. Absolutely stunning Ciara. and the dress! Ah. Fab, the What a great find!

  2. Chi

    What sumptuous colours and textures – a feast for all the senses! Love the pancake “cake”, too. I think I just might borrow that idea for my daughter’s birthday! :)

  3. Oh so beautiful. Fabulous textures, light and props! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Aw man, my jaw dropped at that first photo especially. Just stunning. Lovely color palette. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Loving the mood of these photos. And that cake is so yummy looking! Love that their engagement was styled like a mini wedding.

  6. anna

    Where can I find that dress??!!!

    • Ciara

      Hi Anna I’m sure I came across where Abby had got the dress but can’t seem to track it down now. I’ll get in touch with the photographer and see if she can get me some info for you! Ciara

  7. anna

    Thank you Ciara! Much appreciated!!!!!

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